Our Story


David and Brian were professional tile installers and dads living in Southern California who valued quality, health, and safety. Both on the job and at home, they refused to use toxic and harsh maintenance chemicals that could damage tile and grout, harm their families and pollute the environment. After realizing none of the maintenance products they could find met their exceedingly high standards, David and Brian set out to develop their own line of easy to use, environmentally responsible, high performance sealers and cleaners. In 2010, in partnership with Oceanside Glasstile, an industry leader in responsible tile manufacturing, and after two years of research and testing, they launched Oceancare Products; an innovative line of professional grade sealing and cleaning products that are safe enough for the kitchen but tough enough for the garage. The line started with a non-toxic, acid free, calcium remover for all types of pool tile including specialty iridescent glass tile. Since then, David and Brian have developed over 10 unique formulas for protecting and maintaining tile, stone, glass and almost any hard surface. If, like David and Brian, you’re concerned with the cleanliness and health of your home, family and planet, protect them with Oceancare Products.