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Grout Haze Remover & Cleaner

Grout Haze Remover & Cleaner

A biodegradable, non-toxic, acid-free cleaner that removes cement-based grout haze and deep cleans heavily soiled cement-based grouts. Through the use of advanced acid-mimic technology, this product works like an acid-based cleaner but is safer for the user, environment and colored grouts. Use undiluted for heavy-duty cleaning or dilute one quart with water and make over 2 gallons of cleaning solution. Designed for use with ceramic, porcelain, glass tile and cement-based grouts.

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Grout Haze Remover
  • Removes cement-based grout haze
  • Restores heavily soiled grout
  • Biodegradable – Acid free – Non-toxic
  • Use with ceramic, porcelain and glass tile

Available Sizes:
1 quart (Item # 111139) 8 oz. (Item # 111140)